Spectres of Shortwave:
Radio Towers Like Windchimes

artifacts from the RCI site demolition (pieces of the radio towers)
with either silent video or hexaphonic sound

exhibited at
the Confederation Centre for the Arts Gallery,
Somewheres exhibition, curated by Pan Wendt, February 2014
the Beaverbrook Art Gallery,
Writing Topography exhibition, curated by Corinna Ghaznavi, September, 2015

Spectres of Shortwave:
Sine Waves and Snow Falls

3 channel video with hexaphonic sound
looping images of towers falling and rising
accompanied by sounds of contact mic recordings

exhibited at
the Galerie Louise et Reuben Cohen
Land Lost exhibition, curated by Mireille Bourgeois, October, 2014

The Marshland Radio Plumbing Project

documentation of experiments and site specific installations of the "radio sink"
a fox hole radio built using copper plumbing instead of electronic components
locals in Sackville sometimes heard the radio from their sink
I wanted to hear the radio from my sink too.

exhibited at
Struts Gallery, the Living is Easy projects, summer, 2009
Jè'st: Festival d'art d'intervention, October, 2009
Galerie Louise et Reuben Cohen in Land Lost, curated by Mireille Bourgeois, September 2014
Spring Street Gallery, in Walking the Line Fact / Fiction, curated by Nicky Taveres, June 2014

Industrial Domestic #1:
Laundry Line Antenna

an homage to the family who heard the radio from their clothes line
documentation of a landscape intervention over the course of one year
I hung the laundry line over a sink hole on a public access road in the spring
I documented its deterioration over the next 12 months while I filmed Spectres of Shortwave
and the demolition of the RCI site.

C-prints mounted on aluminium
exhibited at
the Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Phantom Presence : Contemporary Photography in Atlantic Canada, curated by Terry Graff & Karen Ruet, June 2015

Requiem for Radio:
Pulse Decay

20 minute solo performance for theremin, midi, audio, & video
presented at
Obey Convention, May 2014
Paved Arts, October 2014

Requiem for Radio:
New Dead Zones

interactive installation for
13 theremins forming a scale model of the RCI site
max MSP programming and 13 speakers
playing the ghosts of the radio towers with radio waves

in pogress

Requiem for Radio:
Radio Cowers

a stringed instrument in honour of the cows that grazed near the radio towers
played with gloves made from cowhide, and a violin bow made from a cow bone
(hide and bone from cows that lived near the towers)
an amplifier and AM radio transmitter are sewn onto the left arm glove

in progress

Requiem for Radio:
Full Quiet Flutter

playing the ghosts of the radio towers with radio waves
performance for dancers playing the theremin towers of New Dead Zones
and musicians playing the Radio Cowers

in progress